South Dakota’s annual Wild Pheasant Hunt season runs from the 3rd Saturday in October through the last Sunday in January. The entire season is exclusively available to our Corporate / Business Clients.  Reserve the best weeks to fit your company schedule. Be assured the same seasonal dates will be available to you next year.  

Whether you are entertaining clients, training staff, rewarding achievers, hosting prospects or friends, all-natural wild pheasant hunting cements relationships, builds  commitment, and establishes camaraderie in your people.  Teamwork is required for a successful wild pheasant hunt.

Each client has exclusive access to lodge, land, and recreation for specific dates within the season.  We manage our 4000+ acres to produce thousands of Wild South Dakota Pheasants. We maintain Lone Tree Lodge so everything works when you arrive. We work with Pheasants Forever, local and national, to integrate habitat enhancement with precision agriculture technology.

You choose your guests, you guide the hunts (we’ll help you on request), you do daily housekeeping, you are lodge-master.  You choose to dine in town or to prepare your own meals on site or some combination.  The lodge’s fully equipped, spacious kitchen allows your group to prepare and serve simple or elegant meals. Grill steaks or smoke a prime rib on the covered deck.

It is almost like owning it, probably better.

A $20 million property enjoyed by our Exclusive Corporate / Business Clients.