Varied habitat ensures wild pheasant survival!

Habitat, Habitat, Habitat!

A mix of rotational crops: Thousands of acres of wheat, corn, soybean and sorghum provide year-round support for natural wild pheasant propagation.  Dedicated areas of grass, kochia, clover, alfalfa and other species assure winter survival of hens.  Tree and shrub shelter belts provide protection from harsh winter winds.

Fabulous South Dakota wild pheasant hunting is enjoyed by you and your guests. You have exclusive access to our wide array of habitat. You choose your strategy for the hunt. We provide guidance only to the extent you desire. As you learn the lay of the land and identify your favorite “Honey Holes” you will take control of planning and strategy, as if you owned it. Yet we are only a cell phone call away if you need assistance. Your well-trained, well-behaved dogs are welcome.

Here is a real 2022 All Natural Wild Pheasant Hunt.  17 guns, 51 Roosters by mid-afternoon!  (5-minute video)