Take on the Challenge of a South Dakota All Natural Wild Pheasant Hunt

Push Your Limits with Lone Tree Trails

In South Dakota, the air is crisp. The sky is clear. You look out onto a sea of rich red milo, fresh green winter wheat, and bright gold corn fields awaiting the eager harvest machines. You hear the familiar cackling of South Dakota wild pheasants as they fly low and slow from their overnight roosting areas to the morning feeding sites. Your heart beats a little faster in anticipation of the great South Dakota wild pheasant hunt that must await the official opening hour. So, are you ready for an adventure?

Discover Big Habitat

Get Close to Nature at Lone Tree Trails

Lone Tree Trails is the commercial wildlife enterprise of the Bill and Joan Ferguson family. Five generations have observed All Natural Wild Pheasants on the South Dakota farm founded by their grandfather in 1929.
As the technology of farming changed over the years, they noticed certain practices enhanced the survivability of this great bird. By combining beneficial farming practices with enhanced year- round habitat, wild pheasant populations now number in thousands.

Observe Animal Behavior

An Abundance of Wildlife 

Lone Tree Trails is a haven for hunting and nature enthusiasts. Our trails provide an opportunity to observe the behavior of various animals in their natural habitats. From the playful rabbits, the majestic deer, and of course the magnificent pheasant, there’s always something interesting to observe. Come and learn about the creatures that inhabit our trails.


Take on the Hunt

Experience the Thrill of the Hunt

Lone Tree Trails offers a range of hunting opportunities for both experienced and novice hunters. Even the most seasoned of pheasant hunters stand in awe at the hundreds or even thousands of wild pheasants encountered in a single day. Come and experience the thrill of the hunt with Lone Tree Trails.

Make Yourself at Home

Your Private Hunting Retreat!

This comfortable lodge becomes yours while you enjoy fabulous all natural South Dakota Wild Pheasant hunting. Strengthen friendships, build loyalty, reward achievement. Living together, eating together, and especially hunting together create bonds that last a lifetime.

Eight bathrooms with showers make cleanup quick and easy after an invigorating day of wild pheasant hunting.  Extra long single beds offer a restful night’s sleep.


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Lone Tree Trails is more than just a place to hunt. We’re a community that shares a love of the outdoors. Stay up to date on openings, news, and even receive exclusive offers to make sure your next hunting trip is one to remember.


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